Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Potiential for Wed April 30th and mainly Thursday May 1st

We are leaving tomorrow to play around in the high based storms that will be in Nebraska, maybe have a party out in the grasslands, maybe bring a grill the shotgun and some clays. then watch some lightning, hail, with hope a land spout. Then we are going to make our way to Southeastern KS for Thursday's Severe Weather Event. Dew points at 55-60, high cape values, and with the south east component northeast ks. It looks like it will be a late evening initiation, still moisture and cap is somewhat a concern, but there is still a good chance for tornadoes as well as an upgrade to MDT tomarrow if the cap isnt a concern. Looks like the area might have shifted a tad bit more north for pre dark storms. The new MSLP/winds for Thursday 6pm showed the Southeast component at the ks/mo border at last model release. Later in the night squall Line will persist in the area.

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