Sunday, April 13, 2008

March 30th 2008 Oklahoma

Sunday March 30th 2008

Departed for Central OK at 2:30am to chase a Slight Risk in West Central Oklahoma with a small 5% tornado risk. The Carlson’s and Tony Laubach also took this trip. After taking a 3 hour nap early Sunday morning in Hays, I kept driving south towards Weatherford OK. Initiation started around 5:30pm near Cordell. A southern cell of interest near Cordell had good wind shear and started to develop a hook. This was a short chase because it was close to sunset but I did get some beautiful footage of the updraft with the sunset. Also a huge turtle was crossing the road and told me to take my lectures to a convention of people who like lectures. So I stopped and filmed him walking, he decided to turn and confront me and get into an offensive snapping position. After watching these storms, enjoying the first thunderstorm environment since October, I got out of the way of the downdraft and got in behind the cell. As it got dark another cell that developed to my southwest had some decent sized hail, it was traveling in my direction and I didn’t want to punch the core of the cell I was on to my east so I waited out the hail in a carwash. Tony Laubach didn’t make it to cover so his windshield got spidered. I then found a hotel in weather ford and slept for the night in my trailblazer in the parking lot.

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