Monday, June 8, 2009

June 7th 2009

Today was an epic day for colorado, there were many tornadoes touching down in Denver and east off I 70. Skinner Becca and I were chasing north near greeley, got some large hail but we were late to the show off the palmer. If you go to then you will see numerous pictures of the tornadoes that touched down in denver. Because of a shortwave, windshear, and good upslope with a good moisture supply these tornadoes had the environment needed to form. Becca was teaching me about the Denver Vorticity Convergence Zone where flow and pressure perturbations over the palmer with the downslope component from the mountains. Here is a video of a collaberation of a set of pictures I took every second of the meso that was the Denver tornado producer when it was east of deer trail. We did see a tornado start to form, there was a funnel above and circulation on the ground, but did not condensate all the way. Was a frustrating day that we missed the action.

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