Wednesday, May 7, 2008

May 6th Southwest KS Finney County

This cell was strong and had a hook on it, it remained severe for a while but never tornado warned. I ended up getting in the path of a gustanado in the gust front and dirt exploded and swirled around coming towards me giving me only a few seconds to run, I ran screaming to my car and it sandblasted my face as I didn't make it in time. It scared the hell out of me, because I was close to the meso and so I got in my car and drove out of it as fast as possible. It later became part of a line of storms, and great bend got a tornado warning for the eastern part of the line. I decided to call it a day after it went into a line.

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sknr31 said...

yo u got parts of a rolling cloud in dat photo---- sick!