Wednesday, August 22, 2007

May 22 and 23rd 2007 Our First Major Chase

We traveled to central Kansas on May 22nd 2007 to witness the super cell and tornado near hill city Kansas. We linked up with Roger Hill and his tour team and stayed with them as we chased a beautiful classic super cell. This super cell looked like a barber pole, it had such awesome structure like an upside down wedding cake. We witness a tornado form from this cell, it lasted for about 5 minutes and roped out. We chased this storm through the night and watched an amazing lightning storm. Hail and Tornadoes were still a threat, we were trying to get back to our hotel and after we passed through a storm near lacrosse KS we heard a tornado was immanent in that town 10 minutes after we passed through it. After some huge hail and more great lightning we went back to our hotel. The next day we went to the Oklahoma and Texas pan handles. This was a moderate risk with a great possibility of huge tornadoes. We chased this storm in north Texas and it too was a big super cell, it ended up having softball size hail and a big wedge tornado at sundown confirmed by the Doppler on wheels which was parked behind us.

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