Thursday, June 14, 2012

Silver Lining Tours Day 5

Its been a long week and a lot of driving but so far we have had one late evening in particular that was an amazing chase. I am a guide driver for Roger Hill on his Tour Company Silver Lining Tours, and Tuesday night we were in NM. We were really pushing all day for cumulus to push off of the higher terrain and get east into really favorable environment. We watched little cu fields turn into a massive cell later. At sunset it was a huge mothership, and it actually back lit the structure with amazing color. Something I have rarely seen is outer bands around this Meso with space between them, so it made like rings of Saturn around this storm LOL. The past few days its really been difficult to get storms going any early in the day at all, its tested a lot of our patience and boredom lol. Tuesday made this week of lots of driving a lot less painful with its amazing structure. Roger Hill was excited like he always is, just stunned at what the cell turned into. I have video of him saying wow probably 50 times. After dark this cell intensified even more, tiled even more, and structured even more. There were probably 6 Plates Tilted up to the Anvil on this storm and the lightning was insane. We drove through a town close by the hail core and found that up to Baseball fell on this little town in NM. This is my first time working with a tour company but I kinda like it, the people on the tour are smarter than one would think about weather, a lot of them have been chasing a few times on tours, and they are all enthusiastic and none of them are crazy this week lol. I am also producing a short film of this week, although not one of Roger's best weeks it may still be interesting. Its difficult to run multiple cameras, audio gear, and also drive all day. Possible chase today in Kansas, upper level flow sucks, blehhh. And one more chase tomorrow before I return home and then go back out for a few days for another secret project I have goin on.

Next week looks possibly interesting in CO for a few days with a trough coming in if it continues to show that.

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